India has the second highest Muslim population in the world. There are 138 Million Muslims in India which constitutes 13.4% of the total population. However as per un-official figures the Muslim population is 20%. Islam arrived the sub continent through Malabar which had trade links with Arabia from time immemorial. The Muslims contribute 24.6% of the Kerala population as per the latest census figures.

Kerala was the land of un-touchables for long. The society was divided in two several layers based on caste; the upper caste subjugated and enslaved the lower caste people. People started embracing Islam which ensured freedom, equality and social mobility, during the first century of Hijri calendar itself. You can meet several people who want to learn about Islam if you travel across the state. Kerala is a state you can expect brilliant outcome if the message of Islam is diffused in the proper way. But wrong motivation, absence of modern facilities and lack of professionalism in the communication and follow up actions hinder the process. The methodology of the preachers is not much encouraging. The stay and rehabilitation facilities are insufficient. The security of new believers is another issue of concern.

Conceiving all the afore mentioned realities Satya Sarani started functioning in 1994 housed in Malabar House, Manjeri. The office and hostel were shifted to a rented building in 1995. Later in 1998 the office and hostel for men were moved to own building. By the end of 2003, the hostel for women also started in the same premises. Now a complete educational complex functions at Manjeri since January 2012.

What We Do?

Postal learning: There is no systematic correspondence course for learning Islam at present in Kerala. Satya Sarani has formulated a simple and attractive postal course to meet this dire necessity. The course contains 8 modules and tests are conducted at the end of each module. Those who pass the course are given certificates and a translation of Holy Qur'an. On an average 100 persons enroll this course every month.
Postal Library: Those who pass the Postal course are admitted to the Postal Library. It is a scheme for distributing books on Islam free of cost among the members.
Areas of Activities:
  • Da'wa squad-work is conducted systematically in most districts every month to introduce Islam to non-Muslims. Approximately 500 Da'is are trained for the purpose. Pamphlets introducing Islam are distributed at hospitals, bus stands, railway stations etc, in various towns and villages. Da'wa workers become helpful to those who learn Islam and embrace it. The Islamic message could be conveyed to thousands so far.
  • Satya Sarani could establish facilities for study of Islam in three remote villages in Palakkad district to those who lived astray from the faith because of the lack of educational facilities despite they were born as Muslims. Separate learning facilities were set up for Men, women and children.
  • Christian missionaries are targeting the poor Muslims at different parts of the state. They are brain washed and driven to Christianity exploiting their poverty and lack of religious awareness. Satya Sarani could identify such people and succeed in bringing them back to the faith by way of convincing them the concept of mono theism of Islam.