Guest house:

Quarters for the trainees attend the course with family and for the employees, Total – 6, Cost of one quarter – Rs 4 Lakhs


Rs: 4Lakhs required to complete the project

Visual media:

Audio-Video CDs and TV channels are utilized by Satya Sarani for propagation of Islam. New publications for effective propagation are in the workshop. A separate unit for making audio-video CDs is in the plan.
  • Audio-Video CDs containing lectures, debates and interviews with new believers
  • Multimedia presentations on Islam
  • Rehabilitation for the deserving
  • Animation films on Islam

You can also participate in this noble activity:

  • Through monthly subscription
  • Fixing a contribution box at your home/establishment
  • Meeting the expenses of the inmates
  • Through Zakat, Sadaqa and Waqf
  • Help Satya Sarani
Ordinary Food:
Rs: 1350
Lunch (Rice, fish/beef curry)
Rs: 2000
Tea, Snacks (twice)
Rs: 1250
Dinner (Chapati/rice fish/beef
Rs: 2100
Rs: 6700
Special Meals:
Rs: 5000
Ghee rice, Chicken curry
Rs: 3600
Rs: 800
Rs: 6700
Complete expense for one inmate (60 days)
Rs: 4020
Dress (for women)
Rs: 800
Study expenses
Rs: 1500
Rs: 6320
*Figure depends on the number of inmates