The religious arena of Kerala is under the grip of man gods who administer divine medication for curing spiritual psychopaths. The devotees prostrate before other human beings and observe meaningless rites instead of the quest for spiritual improvement and fear of God. The people frustrated by the mental chaos and turmoil desire a journey to the truth.

But the parochialism, lack of unity and organizational narrow mindedness hamper the propagation of the message of Islam to those who seek the truth. It is difficult of an outsider to understand the real Islamic message in the midst of the mayhem created by different segments among Muslims. Besides, the fascist and militant forces emerging among the Hindus create hindrance in the way of the people entering the right faith.

Those who embrace the faith face several problems such as unemployment, solitude and insecurity. Satya Sarani is keeping high standards in the propagation and provides effortless study of Islamic faith. Satya Sarani at Manjeri works as a distinctive Da'wa centre for providing sense of security, moral values and recognition along with rehabilitation.